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Fashion designer Sonia Noel, who is also the founder/CEO of Guyana Fashion Weekend has announced that Hollywood actress, Anna Maria Horsford has been named as a spokesperson of Guyana Fashion Weekend. Now celebrating its third anniversary, Guyana Fashion Weekend (GFW) 2009 is scheduled for August 29 - 30 at Buddy's International Hotel.
This year's extravaganza will feature a cadre' of Guyana's most
talented fashion designers as well as special guest designers from the U.S. and the Caribbean region.

"We are so pleased to have Anna Maria Horsford as our spokesperson. Since her presence last year for CFW, she has single handedly touted our efforst and has given GFW and Guyana maximum exposure," noted Sonia Noel who confirmed that the actress will once again be in Guyana for GFW 2009. In addition, other surprize celebrity fashion guests are expected to be present for Guyana Fashion Weekend.

In response to her CFW Spokesperson status Miss Horsford said: "No one will argue that Guyana is a wealthy country. Many might base this fact on the gold or diamond mines, or the majestic waters of the Kaieteur Falls and the unspoilt Rain Forest. But I assure you, what I would place on the top of the list is the Guyanese hospitality. After spending a week in this country for its second annual Guyana Fashion Weekend, I was blown into the hearts of its people.

"Designers came from Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands and the U.S.A., as well as a pool of local artiste to showcase their amazing creations. What impressed me most, was the creativity and range of craftsmen - from 16 year-old twins to women who have been designing for more than 20 years. The level of professionalism from the models and the designers was higher than I expected. This was truly a gem in South America. I am honored to be asked to be the Spokesperson for Guyana Fashion Weekend 2009."

Born in New York City to parents from the Dominican Republic and AntIgua, Anna has appeared in over 60 movies and television shows. A few of her more popular roles included that of Thelma Frye on the TV sitcom `Amen' and -the guard Dee in `The Wynans Brothers' Television show. She is in the process of developing an artiste community in upstate New York and
continuing to expand on her growing jewelry line which she debut at Guyana Fashion Weekend last year.