Jamar McNaughton Jr, more popularly known to the world as “Chronixx”, left thousands who gathered at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, on Saturday, in awe and mesmerised by his ecstasy-filled performance.

This young lady was deep into Chronixx’s music, as she sang along during his performance And, some might still be ‘skankin sweet’ from one of the best reggae shows to ever hit the shores of Guyana. Thanks to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), “Doing More” for customers and communities across Guyana,lovers of his music got the chance to be entertained by the man who is likened by many as the present day Bobb Marley and the leader of the ‘reggae revivers’.

After being kept in the groove by the Heat Wave Band, which turned in a powerful presentation of their own, especially through their lead vocalists, Calvin Burnett and Mark Batson, the crowd was all `pumped up and ready’ for the man they came from near and far to see and hear.

Backed by his Zincfence Redemption Band, the 25-year-old, after being introduced by GTT’s Marketing and Communications Consultant, Samantha Gooden just after mid-night, used the opening track – Alpha & Omega – from his debut album, ‘Dread and Terrible’, for his stage entrance.

Amidst the thunderous applause and chants from the thousands in attendance, which almost caused a tremor at the Guyana National Stadium, Chronixx, truly kicked down riddim like “Sly Dunbar”, just as a part of the track states. From then onwards, it was hits after chart-topping hits and the crowd sang along word-for-word.

Chronixx has released his debut LP, Chronology, a 16-track collection bringing together songs from across his musical career, some dating back to 2011. The album, as of Saturday, sits on the No. 8 spot on the iTunes Reggae Top 10, and has also held the No. 1 spot, receiving a 4.7 out of 5 ratings.

The National Stadium was treated with hits from his Chronology album; and why not? After all, his being in Guyana is part of his Chronology Caribbean tour, where he told fans that his aim is to spread peace and love, using music and Rastafari. “From here, we’re going to Trinidad, then Grenada, and back to Jamaica,” Chronixx melodiously stated from the centred stage mic where he stood and reached the hearts of the masses.

Chronixx showed his versatility when he went into the Dancehall genre, singing “Behind Curtains” and “Od Ras”, using variations of styles, much to the delight of the crowd. He gave a little of incarcerated Grammy Award-winning star Buju Banton, touched on some verses of another Reggae star ‘Proteje’, and Jesse Royal music. The crowd was certainly rocking when he delivered “Smile Guyana” and how they loved it when he invited them to be his choir. One of his most popular songs this year, “Likes”, was more than well-received.

Chronixx also gave some history lessons, with tracks such as “Black is Beautiful” from his Chronology Album, where he spoke about how we’re taught of black being associated with many things, except excellence and good. In the track, he talked about Walter Rodney, Leonard Howell and Marcus Garvey and their mark on black history in the Caribbean and the wider world.

He also touched “Captured Land” from the Dread and Terrible album, which speaks about how King Ferdinand II of Aragon who sponsored the first trip of Christopher Columbus, which resulted in Columbus accidentally discovering the Americas and the Caribbean, which led to the genocide of the natives and enslavement Africans.

In his deliverance of “Captured Land”, Chronixx sang passionately to the Guyanese audience about Oliver Cromwell and Henry Morgan and how lands that were taken away from the people of Jamaica and the Caribbean used as slave plantations.

“Majesty”, and a number of love songs were also in his repertoire, much to the delight of the ladies in attendance. In all, Chronixx who is on his second trip to Guyana, delivered more than was expected and even though his performance lasted for nearly two hours, the fans kept begging for more.

Rawle Toney